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TUTORIAL SPECIAL: Purchase Foundation!, Dots!, and Bumps! together and SAVE! (download)



All three tutorials: Foundation!, Dots! and Bumps! are included in this COMBO in a downloadable file.
Buy together and SAVE!

Click through photos at left for examples of the Table of Contents page of each tutoria.

Foundation! Foundation! Foundation! That is truly what it is. It is the foundation to all the tutorials to follow. It is very important to understand and practice the way you lay your glass on the mandrel and Heather has the secret! It is ALL about the heat.

DOTS! Dots are crisp, round spots melted into the surface of the bead. For as long as there have been beads, there have been dots on them—they certainly stand the test of time as an excellent design element. Using Heather's techniques you can add to history with some of your own wonderful dot creations. Dots! Large dots, small dots, lots-o-dots!

BUMPS!Bumps are half dome shaped, securely attached to the bead with nice straight sides and a round top. In all her years of teaching Heather has seen lots of interesting techniques for applying bumps. But years of experience have taught her to take a deep breath, relax and place her bumps with care and attention.

Heather designed her tutorials for students who are unable to take a class with her personally.

Note from Heather: "Just imagine that you are in my studio for a private lesson. Here is your chance to "watch" me work, and have me "talk" you through the process of honing your beadmaking skills. And yes, there will be assignments at the end of this lesson!"

Once you have mastered these tutorials, it will be much easier to be successful with Heather's future tutorials.

Future tutorials include: Buttons, Clear Casing, Hollows & Big Hole Beads.

* This COMBO set of tutorials is a downloadable PDF file. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader (download FREE here) to open it.