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- About the Tutorials

About my tutorials...

Years of answering student's questions and requests planted the idea for creating these tutorials. It was the often repeated statement "I wish you had been my first teacher." that spurred me to finally take fingers to keyboard and write these tutorials.

I am a strong believer that a good solid foundation of basic beadmaking skills is what you need to succeed. I've designed these tutorials for students who want a reminder or notes from the class and those students who are unable to take a class with me personally. I have tutorials available for download right now.

Just imagine that you are in my studio for a private lesson. Here is your chance to "watch" me work, and have me "talk" you through the process of honing your beadmaking skills. And yes, there will be assignments at the end of each lesson!

P.S. If you can only buy 1 of my tutorials I recommend the Foundation! Foundation! Foundation! tutorial. It provides the base of skills you will need for good beadmaking.


A Review of Heather's Tutorials
by Cindy Jenkins:

"Heather's three new tutorials are impressive to say the least. Having taken several classes from Heather, I noticed right away that they are written in her own voice. This makes them easy to read and entertaining as well.

There are many excellent beadmakers but Heather is one of the few who is also excellent at teaching. Her layout is nice and the many photos are clear and uncluttered. You can easily see what she is demonstrating and explaining. These are seriously fun tutorials with exercises and challenges to strengthen your skills.

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